The Vehicle Network

I’ve been doing some light reading lately about vehicle sensor systems and such, just trying to understand how it all goes together. I see a large amount of parallelism with the natural flow of computer networking.

For example, Bosch developed the concept of a Controller Area Network several years ago. In this system, wiring harnesses that carried several individual connections were replaced by a network and signalling protocol to reduce the number of wires running around the vehicle, much like the transition from star topology (mainframe) to mesh networks (Internet and Cellular).

National Instruments Controller Area Network (CAN) Overview

I wonder where this will all lead. It would be nice to have the ability to replace control components as a user instead of having to take your vehicle to the mechanic, upgrading vehicle systems via your home computer, and having your car message you when a part fails.


  1. Thanks Shane! I want to develop a site that covers practical uses of technology, rather than tech for the sake of itself. The average American spends a considerable amount of time on the road and I see a special niche forming for this kind of information. I am enjoying this project immensely.

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