The Tech of an Augmented Reality Gamer

With the increasing popularity of games such as Ingress and Pokemon Go, collectively referred to as Augmented Reality games, there is potential for gear configurations both in-vehicle and on the gamer’s person.

First though, it would be irresponsible to mention this topic without a little safety discussion. You do not use any of these items while your vehicle is in Drive. You use them while the vehicle is in Park, determining your next destination while playing the game. You use it in front of your car after successfully meeting with your friends to “farm” for gear to plan among each other where each should go next. The only thing these devices should be doing while your vehicle is in Drive is charging.

After playing Ingress for close to two years, these are some of the items that improve your gaming experience:

This is the basic item you need to begin playing Augmented Reality games.

Car Cell Phone Charger
This is your failsafe power source. If your phone is constantly drained, these games will not be enjoyable.

Cell Phone Battery Pack(s)
Used outside the vehicle, to prevent battery drain and keep your devices going.

GPS Navigation System
Sometimes, ETAs become critical for group operations in these games. Knowing “I will be in this city in x number of hours.” is very useful. As an added bonus, find one which can receive Bluetooth coordinates and designate a navigator if you have a group in your vehicle.

With all of these items, you become a valuable team member, capable of scoring valuable points in any game of this type.