Garmin nüvi 205

nuvi205 Gone are the days of printing maps.  Vehicle navigation systems have been growing in popularity in the past couple years.  Almost every major car manufacturer has options available for nav systems, but what if you have more than one car?  What if you aren’t buying a car?  Are you left out?  Of course not!  I passed up the navigation system in my 2008 vehicle because I couldn’t see the sense in financing around a thousand dollars worth of over-glorified car-stereo.

There were two realistic options available to me at the time.  I could’ve spent countless hours handcoding waypoints into the eTrex that sparked my interest in GPS to begin with, or I could bite the bullet and purchase a new device.

I chose the nüvi 205 for many reasons, including the Garmin name and the cost. This device has many features which drew me to it.  It has the Garmin ecoRoute technology, which actually coaches you on efficient driving practices through a simple percentage system.  It has the antitheft features of the higher-end models.  It does an exceptional job of getting me from Point A to Point B without several trips around the block.

After 7200 miles, I can say that I am very happy with this product.


  1. Garmin has made their GPS portable navigation devices even better. These improvements make it very easy for the user to get to their destination in a safe and timely manor. Garmin is one of the leaders in producing top quality GPS products.

  2. first gps. did a lot of research on gps’ seemed like this gps would be a good value for the turns out to be an excellent value. tried support group from garmin , they were very helpful.. they seemed like they were excited that i purchased their product.i would recommend this product.

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