Distracted Driving: Cell Phones

The issue of distracted driving has become a major concern throughout the United States and most of the world due to the proliferation of cheap cell phone devices and all the features that go with them. Mobile devices are by design alerting us to the fact that something is going on outside of our vehicles. This is resulting in a large amount of rear-end collisions that would be otherwise avoided.
States have begun enhancing distracted driving laws which have been on the books since the radio became a popular vehicle accessory. Regulations vary from state to state regarding cell phones and in some cases ban their use on certain segments of road or define situational limits. Looking this information up ahead of interstate travel will help you avoid an out of state traffic violation, something no one enjoys dealing with.
Earlier this month, the Governors Highway Safety Association released a table outlining the rules of all 50 states with very detailed information.
While technology can benefit us and aid in our feeling of connectedness, we need to also be careful and courteous of other motorists. I created a list of tips for driving.

  1. Inform callers that you are on the road to keep conversations brief.
  2. If you are expecting a text at a certain time, notify that person that you will be driving and temporarily unable to text.
  3. Use a handsfree device such as a headset or an in car speaker like the Blue Ant.
  4. Do not text at all on the road, not even at stop lights. Intersections are very difficult for emergency vehicles to navigate through and drivers not paying attention to them are the last thing a fire truck or ambulance driver needs to contend with.

If you have any other suggestions for tips, please let me know in the comments section.  Keep it safe and arrive alive!


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